Roaming Callback Service

Roaming has never been easier

Roam with the new Etisalat Callback service and call anywhere for just AED 3/min (5% VAT not applicable). Enjoy up to 77% discount on current outgoing roaming charges and call your family and friends without worrying about high roaming costs.

How it works

  • Mobile users can make an outgoing roaming call at this special flat rate by dialling:*145*00(CountryCode)(PhoneNumber)#. You can also use either enter “+” or “00” For example: If you are roaming in the UK, dial: *145*0097150xxxxxxx#OK (to call Etisalat number) or *145*0096611yyyyyyy#OK (to call a landline in KSA – Riyadh)
  • Offer excludes calls to satellite and premium numbers
  • Callback minutes are not deducted from voice roaming packs, if any
  • For the list of roaming partners and availability of roaming services, please visit www.etisalat.ae/roaminglist, and refer to callback-eligible service
  • The Roaming Callback service could be blocked by some of the operators or used for their local services

Need more information?

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