Full Home Wifi

Full Home Wi-Fi is a new solution to support customers extend their internet wi-fi coverage across their home, be it villa or apartments. This is superior to the current Home zone service which limits the Wi-Fi extension to a maximum of 3 zones. Full home wi-fi achieves this superiority by using the latest mesh technology to design the network and connect high quality wi-fi access points within customer’s premise. Our field engineers will perform a wi-fi survey using their tool and design the network architecture which delivers optimum results. Customer pays a monthly fee for the service, and we will take care of the rest such as cabling (if needed), and all cost of devices, labor and installation.

The Wi-Fi coverage will be available in the room of the router, and part of the next one. However, this will depend on many factors such as size of the rooms, distance from the main router, the walls construction materials. At times this leads to the requirement of additional access points will be needed in medium and large homes.

The solution is available for all Etisalat Home customer accounts who have an active internet line.

We will be providing the routers, cables, sockets, and all accessories, as well as the installation and configuration of all items end to end. The Wi-Fi survey and design of the network plan are also part of the service at no extra cost.

Internet and Wi-Fi speeds are always usually delivered as per the best effort basis. The speed that is expected across the home will be closer to the speeds of the primary connection.

There cannot be a direct answer for that since there are numerous variables that affect the coverage including the design, architecture of the home, size of rooms etc. Since the service can support up to a maximum of five devices, it should easily be able to cover large apartments and villas which has up to 6 – 8 bedrooms depending upon the size.

Absolutely. Coverage and speed of the internet Wi-Fi in your entire home is dependent on the primary connection.

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